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We will reward you for a tip for selling or renting a property

Do you know of any property its owner wants to sell?
Give us a tip and we'll pay you off at least 3,000 CZK per hand!

It's easy, give us a contact that sells or
wants to rent a property. We will give you a reward for your reward.

I want a commission for a tip

Why give us a tip?

Vyplácíme provize za tipy

We pay tips for tips

We distribute commissions for selling or renting property to you. Just give us a tip and we'll take care of everything. And what reward is waiting for you?

from CZK 3000 for a tip for selling a property or from CZK 500 for a tip for renting a property

Jsme nejrychleji rostoucí realitní kancelář v MS kraji

We are the fastest growing real estate agency in MS Region

More clients trust us every month, we are the fastest growing real estate agency in the Moravian-Silesian Region, but we are not growing at the expense of quality of service. Clients are turning to us because their satisfaction is our goal. We are fair brokers and we are here for you.

Nemovitost prodáme v průměru za 20 dní

We will sell the property on average within 20 days

We can just sting with selling or renting a property. The property is not a long month for us. We will arrange the fastest sale or rent and you will get your reward in record time. Try us out.


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