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Property Value estimation

Property Value Estimation

Are you thinking about selling a property and need to know what its market price is? KAKTUS Reality tells you the price of an apartment or a house. If you are interested in finding out the value of your property online, we first need to know a few basic information such as its availability or size.

Estimated real estate price is free for you. An exception to this is only the valuation for notarial / inheritance proceedings.

Avoid these mistakes when estimating the property price:

Comparing similar offers

Do not try to estimate the price of your property by comparing the prices of similar offers on real estate portals. This estimation method is very inaccurate. The price of your property and the advertised may vary greatly.

Sum of costs

Many sellers are trying to calculate the cost of the property using the sum of the costs invested in it (purchase price, reconstruction, etc.) and on this basis calculate the property price. However, the real market value is often different.

Price maps

Also, the estimation of the price of the property according to the price maps is not quite accurate. It shows the value of the property according to the location where it is located. However, it does not reflect the real estate status of the seller.

Estimated real estate price is for you non-binding and completely free

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