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For sale apartment 2+1 66 m²

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District Capital City Prague
City Prague
Street Řeznická
Price flat: 9 500 000
Commission including commission
Fees včetně poplatků
Legal services including legal services
Cost of living Měsíční náklady činí 1.600,- Kč + elektřina 360,- Kč + plyn 500,- Kč
Mortgage YES
Mortgage - percent 2.09
Order number 2789
Date 09.12.2019
Kontakt makléře
Contact the broker

Lukáš Šuniar
+420 731 698 871


Looking for your dream apartment or a great investment in the heart of the historical part of Prague? Our company on behalf of the owner offers for sale exclusively apartment 2 + 1 in private ownership with a living area of ​​66 sqm. The total living area is divided into two spacious rooms (20,5m² and 23m²) + kitchen (12m²) and bathroom shared with toilet (3m²).

The entrance part of the apartment is accompanied by a long corridor with an area of ​​7 square meters. From the corridor we get to all parts of the apartment. On the left side of the hall is a bathroom, which is equipped with a shower with a seat, a sink and a usable bathroom radiator. The bathroom space is surrounded by ceramic tiles in blue-white color, which gives a clean and spacious look. On the right side of the corridor are two entrances to the main living space, which is the living room and bedroom. The whole apartment has high ceilings, which creates space optically more spacious. Each room has large windows. There is excellent public transport accessibility. The surrounding area offers, besides parks and cultural monuments, a number of stylish restaurants, bars and cafes where you can spend your free time. The apartment is located in a very attractive location and therefore we recommend a personal tour.

If you are interested in further information or viewing, please contact broker Lukáš.

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